Linen, also known as flax, is a natural fiber obtained from the stalk of the flax plant. It possesses a unique texture that develops a beautiful luster as it ages. With each wash, linen becomes increasingly soft, while still retaining its exceptional durability, surpassing that of cotton. Additionally, Black Flax Linen stands out in terms of heat conduction, thanks to its hollow flax fibers. This remarkable property makes it a versatile choice for layering in both summer and winter, setting it apart from cotton.

Properties of Flax:

Flax linen offers superior breathability, surpassing cotton, allowing for excellent air circulation and quick drying. It keeps the body cool and facilitates moisture evaporation, ensuring enhanced comfort in warm and humid climates.

Flax linen garments are known for their exceptional durability. With minimal extensibility and elasticity, they retain their shape and integrity over time, remaining highly resistant to wear and tear.

Linen is derived from plant fibers and is completely biodegradable. It naturally decomposes in compost and requires minimal water consumption during cultivation, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Linen is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It effectively wicks away sweat and moisture without causing irritation, ensuring comfort and well-being.

Moisture Absorption:
Flax has excellent moisture absorption, making it suitable for humid environments. Its hollow fibers facilitate heat conduction, allowing for versatile layering in all seasons.