Shafaque, derived from the meaning "dawn" or "first light," is not only a name but a profound reflection of our brand's essence and transformative journey. Just as the dawn signifies the beginning of a new day, Shafaque Ali founded our artisan Pret label with a vision to illuminate a path towards environmentally conscientious fashion practices and holistic well-being.

Our design philosophy thrives on connection—the fusion of individuals, cultures, and creativity. Through meticulously crafted garments by talented artisans, we celebrate diversity and empower personal expression. Our mission extends beyond aesthetics; it encompasses every facet of life.

Fashion possesses the extraordinary ability to ignite change, and we are committed to preserving indigenous cultures, safeguarding their heritage, and uplifting artisans' livelihoods. By partnering with skilled craftsmen, we establish a sustainable platform that empowers communities and nurtures their artistic talents.

Embrace sustainable luxury fashion and join our mission towards regenerative practices.


Shafaque Ali is an Indian Fashion Designer, who received her Master's degree in Fashion Design from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design, Florence, Italy. She brings a wealth of experience from her work with prestigious luxury brands like Hugo Boss in New York, as well as international export houses and apparel start-ups in India. Inspired by a desire to bridge the gap between socially conscious designs and the utilization of traditional Indian techniques, Shafaque embarked on a journey to create contemporary, functional, and transeasonal looks with an eco-conscious approach. This realization became the driving force behind the establishment of her own label, Shafaque, with the motto "Impulse: Impact."

Shot by : Aygun Ismayilova