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Transcendence, the driving force behind Shafaque Ali's label, fuels her creative vision. This collection embraces a diverse range of emotions, embodying the courage and perseverance required to surpass limitations for individuals with nostalgic past and uncertain destinies. Celebrating self-belief, the womenswear line showcases contemporary, deconstructed silhouettes that emanate bold elegance through intricate cuts. Drawing inspiration from India's opulent heritage of handloom, indigo dying, and handwoven mashru silk, we present a seamless fusion of traditional artistry and modern techniques.

Creative Direction : Shafaque Ali | Photography : Akash and Dev | MUA : Yati Parekh | Venue: Nine Fish Art Gallery | Talents : Alana Hays, Sonia Hays, Mehvish Ali, Mika Nishimura